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Accidents can happen to anyone. No matter how cautious you are in the way you conduct yourself and even if you are a stickler for traffic rules, you still cannot rule out the possibility of being in an accident. What are the two kinds of accidents that are some of the most common causes of personal injury and happen to a significant part of the population every year?

Slip and fall injuries are unpredictable. An uneven or wet floor, a depression or missing floor tile, a scrunched up carpet anything could make you tumble. Similarly, even if you are sober and completely in charge of your faculties when you are driving or crossing the road, not everyone around is as responsible a citizen as you are. They could be driving under influence or they could be speeding. The bottom line is, scary as it might be to accept it, but your wellbeing and health can be affected by the actions of others.

Accidents and rehabilitation centres

So, suppose you have been in an accident. What is the first thing that needs to be done? Forget insurance, settlement, culpability, your immediate need is medical care. If your injuries are extensive, you will be rushed to a hospital. Depending on the degree of your injuries, you might require surgery. For example, you may have badly injured your spine or the bones of your limbs are shattered. Similarly, brain trauma too requires intensive care.

While treatment may end with you being discharged from the hospital once you are stable, recovery from the injury is another matter. Severe injuries can incapacitate you for a long period of time and to get back the full usage of your injured body, you may require rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation combines medical, therapy and nursing care. You live in the rehab centre where a group of healthcare professionals help you to get over your injury- both physically and psychologically.

Rehabilitation is the only way you can resume your normal lifestyle. That is why it is very crucial that you pick the right kind of rehab centre.

Choosing the right kind of rehabilitation centre

Here are a few suggestions by doctors that will go a long way in helping you determine if a rehabilitation centre is a perfect fit for you.

  1. Go over the reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about the quality of the services provided by a rehab centre. Usually, people after a stint at a rehab centre write reviews that can give you details about how things are done at the facility. You will find such feedback in the official website of the rehab centre.

  1. Does the centre offer the help that you need?

There are different reasons why people might need rehabilitation. That is why the services offered by rehabilitation facilities vary. Some may be tailored to meet the needs of a person trying to overcome addiction, while others might see to the requirement s of people with Parkinson’s Disease or severe heart disorders. So you will have to find a centre that caters to injuries sustained in accidents.

But again you have to do a bit of sifting. Accidents can cause different kinds of injuries, ranging from broken wrists to brain trauma. Find a rehab centre that offers therapy specific to your injury.

  1. 24-hour care

At a rehab centre, you are supposed to get round-the-clock care. All your daily requirements, as well as therapy, are to be provided. There have to be therapists and nurses present at the centre at all times so that if a healthcare emergency arises, they would be able to tend to you.

Moreover, you must also find out if the therapists, physicians and nurses have enough experience. They must all have valid registration and must be certified.

  1. Enquire into the treatment plans

Rehabilitation treatment plans are usually comprehensive. They include not just a continuation of your treatment but also physiotherapy (for physical injuries), cognitive therapy (impairments of speech, language, coordination triggered by the injury), meaningful recreation, occupational therapy, psychological evaluation (to assess the impact the accident has had on your psyche). Therapists, physicians and nurses have to work together to successfully implement a treatment plan that will help you get back to your normal routine. Your job is to find out what plan of action the rehab centre will chalk out for you. If necessary, compare treatment plans with other rehab facilities and choose wisely.

  1. Frequency of therapy sessions

People with the most grievous injuries require at least three hours of therapy a day, 5 times a week. Any less than that might be an attempt by the rehab centre to make people stay longer to prolong the recovery phase. It is an unscrupulous measure intended to increase the facility’s profits. Once again, we would advise you to compare the number of sessions offered by different facilities and decide accordingly.

  1. Supplementary services

Rehabilitation can be very gloomy and stressful. That is why renowned rehab facilities offer services that can help uplift the patient’s mood. A garden is a must because greenery triggers the production of happiness hormones. However, there need to be attendants who will accompany you during your trip to the gardens and keep an eye on you.

There should also be provisions to help you alleviate boredom. Music, musical instruments, easels, canvas, colours, an extensive library, pet therapy, movie nights, game boards, access to the internet are a few services that are a must.

  1. Family Participation

Psychological and cognitive therapy can be more rewarding if family or friends are allowed to participate. It boosts the morale of the patient and leads to greater understanding between him/her and the loved ones. They should be encouraged to observe, ask questions, express their support and love and participate in important meetings with doctors and therapists. This keeps family member and friends in the loop and helps the injured person stay connected with them.

  1. Help with insurance

There must be case managers who will liaise with the insurance company and coordinate the services so that you can make the most of your insurance benefits without having to be actively involved.

If you are not sure about how to proceed or if you require recommendations regarding healthcare facilities, then you can contact personal injury lawyers who will connect you to top-grade rehabilitation centres based on your needs. Moreover, they will also help you with getting the maximum possible settlement if the culpable part’s insurer refuses to pay what you deserve.

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