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Motorcycle accidents can cause a broad range of injuries, from small scratches and bruises to serious, permanent damage. This article will discuss the typical injuries sustained in motorbike accidents and the significance of receiving emergency medical care. We will also discuss the importance of protective gear, why injuries from motorcycle accidents are typically more severe than those from auto accidents and what to do if you are hurt in a motorbike accident.

What to Do in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident Injury:

You have the right to make a claim if another person’s carelessness causes you to be hurt in a motorcycle accident. Compared to victims of auto accidents, motorcycle accident victims in Ontario frequently report more serious injuries and greater medical expenses.

A variety of damages may be covered by compensatory awards for accident victims, including but not limited to:

  • Diminished earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Damage to property (like damage to a motorcycle or other personal items)
  • Pain and suffering (including loss of enjoyment in life, emotional distress, etc.)

To find out how much money you might be entitled to, your lawyer will evaluate the damages that apply to your case and take into account all pertinent information.

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The Severity of Motorcycle Accidents: 

In 2017, over 12% of motorcycle and e-bike accidents in Canada resulted in fatalities or serious injuries. Since speeding is usually the cause of these incidents, safer riding techniques are crucial. It’s important to understand that even seemingly insignificant wounds like scrapes can result in physical impairments, lifelong nerve damage, and deformity. Motorcycle crashes can also result in more serious injuries like burns, fractures, and shattered bones.

Why motorcycle accidents are more serious than car injuries?

Motorcycle riders have little protection; their main lines of defense are their clothes and a helmet. This is why motorcycle accidents are more severe. Compared to cars, motorcyclists are more likely to be damaged in collisions due to their compact and lightweight design. This vulnerability may result in life-threatening paralysis as well as serious traumas such as brain trauma, spinal cord fractures, and limb loss. It is essential to use the appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, to lower the chance of injury.

motorcycle accident

Typical Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents:

  • Head injuries: 

Traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, and cognitive impairments are among the head injuries that motorcycle riders are most likely to have. In order to lessen the severity of these injuries and maybe save lives, helmets are essential.

  • Muscle injury: 

Although little sprains and tears in the muscles may not seem like much, severe muscle injury can seriously hinder one’s ability to move. Protective equipment, such knee and elbow padding and earplugs, can lessen the severity of such injuries.

  • Road Rash: 

Caused by contact between the body and the pavement during a high-speed skid, road rash is the most frequent injury sustained in motorcycle crashes. In addition to skin irritations, infections, and nerve damage, it can result in cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

  • Biker’s Arm:

 In an accident, bikers are immediately vulnerable to harm because there is no protective barrier like there is in a car. One typical injury that arises from using one’s arm to protect oneself from contact is called a biker’s arm. It is imperative to use protective gear and robust clothing in order to reduce this risk.

  • Leg Injuries: 

The knees, legs, and feet are particularly susceptible to injuries in motorcycle accidents, including sprains, fractures, cuts, bruises, and even amputations. To lower the chance of leg injuries, the right protective equipment is crucial.

  • Facial Injuries

 While not all helmets offer total protection against facial injuries, it is recommended to use one that does. In the event of an accident, this can avoid severe facial disfigurement or broken bones.

  • Spinal Injuries:

 Often brought on by collisions with big objects, spinal cord injuries rank among the most serious injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. These wounds may result in fractures, slipped discs, and irreversible paralysis.

  • Emotional Trauma:

 Although not as serious as physical injuries, emotional trauma is nevertheless important to treat. It needs time to heal and medical attention, and it can result in additional psychological issues.

Seek skilled legal counsel for your case, as well as medical professionals who can supervise your psychological and medical care. This will guarantee the least amount of tension and maximum effectiveness in your recuperation process. Your legal team will also handle talks and seek the maximum payout with the insurance company of the driver who is at fault. You have the option to pursue your personal injury lawsuit to court if required.

Motorcycle riders must emphasize safety and protective clothing since even minor collisions can have serious, life-altering effects. Your physical and financial well-being depends on your knowledge of the typical injuries caused by motorcycle accidents and the required actions to take if you become a victim.

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