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Spring brings with it a welcome break from the biting cold of winter, the weight of snow, and the frequently crippling cost of heating. But the arrival of spring brings with it more than just longer days, beautiful weather, and blossoming trees—it also heralds the arrival of several hazards and obstacles associated with driving.

While it’s widely accepted that winter’s harsh weather—sleet, snow, and longer nights—raises the number of car accidents, it’s important to recognize that spring also brings its own set of difficulties and plays a role in weather-related incidents that result in fatalities.

First Things to Do Following a Springtime Mishap: Ensuring Safety and Taking Swift Actions

  • Assure Safety: To prevent further dangers, try to relocate to a safe area away from traffic.
  • Check For Injuries: Examine yourself and any other persons involved in the collision for injuries. If you require medical attention, get it.
  • Contact Emergency Services: Report the accident, ask for medical attention, and request the presence of the police by calling 911 or the relevant emergency number.
  • Information Exchange: Provide the other accident participants with your contact and insurance information.
  • Record the Situation: Take pictures of the surrounding area, the damaged vehicle, and license plates at the accident scene. For insurance claims, this can be very important.
  • Obtain Witness Information: If there are any witnesses, make sure you get their contact details and names. Their claims could come in handy later.
  • File a Police Report: Contact the police and provide true and accurate details about the accident.
  • Notify Your Insurance Company: As soon as possible, get in touch with your insurance provider to report the collision and start the claims procedure.
  • Respect Traffic Laws: Comply with traffic laws and regulations, as well as any instructions provided by law enforcement.
  • Seek Legal Advice: If necessary, speak with a lawyer to learn about your rights and obligations, particularly if the accident involved complicated circumstances or injuries.

In cases of  accidents, seeking expert legal counsel can be crucial to ensuring that your rights are upheld and that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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Reasons for and Ways to Prevent Automobile Mishaps in the Springs:

 Springtime does not always lend itself to safe driving, despite the beautiful weather and the promise of fresh starts that it represents. The following factors increase the risk of springtime driving:

  1. Road Surface Imperfections:

Springtime brings with it the slow melting of accumulated snow and ice on road surfaces, which frequently creates sloppy conditions that can cause a car to skid and lose control. Moreover, cracks in pavements and roads become contaminated by melting snow, and the temperature swings that characterize the early spring lead to the enlargement of pavement cracks as well as the development of dents and potholes. In addition to endangering the integrity of vehicles, these road irregularities raise the possibility of collisions. In particular, potholes can collect water from melting snow and cause hydroplaning, which makes it extremely difficult to manage an automobile. 

Roads in this condition should be avoided if at all feasible until repairs are completed. If you are forced to travel on such roads, go with caution and at a reduced speed. To recover control in the event of hydroplaning, gradually depress the accelerator.

  1. Sun Glare: 

One of the most annoying things about spring is the longer daylight hours, which are characterized by later sunsets and earlier sunrises. This is especially true for early morning and evening commutes. Sun glare can be uncomfortable for a short while and, in more severe situations, can blur eyesight, which could result in mishaps. 

To reduce the effects of solar glare, use sun visors, put on sunglasses, choose routes that reduce direct sunlight in 

your eyes, and keep a safe following distance from other cars.

  1. Increased Pedestrian and Cyclist Activity: 

With the arrival of pleasant weather, a greater number of people venture outdoors for various activities, including dining, entertainment, and socializing. There is a greater chance of pedestrian accidents as a result of this increased pedestrian activity. In addition, springtime sees a rise in cycling, with bicycles and cars sharing the road. A rise in motorcycle accidents occurs in the spring when more riders hit the open roadways. The ensuing gridlock in the roads and the possible noncompliance of bikes with traffic regulations may exacerbate driving conditions. Accident risk is increased by the general increase in road traffic as well as the fact that some people drive while intoxicated. 

Cyclists should take safety precautions because a large percentage of cycling accidents result in injuries. It is wise to drive carefully, especially on crowded routes, to lessen the chance of collisions involving bikes, pedestrians, and other cars.

  1. Inexperienced Drivers: 

Teenagers and young adults, many of whom have just received their driver’s licenses, are drawn to the charm of spring. Although spring is a time for relaxation, it also brings a new group of inexperienced drivers on the road, which could make collisions more likely.

  1. Construction work:

Springtime brings with it the return of construction projects after the winter months of relative quiet. However, there are a number of difficulties that come with construction work, including lane diversions, road closures, traffic slowdowns, navigational disorientation, and the possibility of workers being close to moving vehicles. In construction zones, there is still a considerable risk of accidents unless vehicles drive with extreme caution and alertness.

  1. Necessity for Vehicle Maintenance:

Both winter and spring can be harsh on vehicles. Winter driving conditions can cause suspension, brake, and alignment problems, as well as deterioration of windshield wipers. The warmer springtime temperatures might lead to overheating and engine issues. Subpar car performance may arise from ignoring these problems.

 Therefore, a comprehensive vehicle maintenance check is necessary as spring approaches. Make sure all of the necessary parts are in good working order, such as the tires, oil pan, coolant, engine, and air conditioning system. It is important not to undervalue this obligation.

  1. Fluctuating Weather: 

Spring is renowned for its capricious weather patterns, which can transition from warm to cold, and vice versa, within a short timeframe. Even after the initial thaw, there is still a chance of sudden snowfall, thus winter tires should be kept on. Springtime can also bring heavy rain, fog, and poor visibility, which can cause traffic jams and even dangerous driving conditions. 

By using the right tires, being alert, and using headlights and wipers sensibly, accidents brought on by sudden weather changes can be reduced.

When Drives in the Spring Take an Unexpected Turn:

More people will go to the roads as the weather becomes better, whether they are strolling, riding motorcycles, cycling, or driving, all in an effort to take in the beautiful springtime scenery and comfortable temperatures. As a result, driving conditions could get riskier. Motorcycle accidents in Ontario tend to rise in the spring, which emphasizes the importance of exercising extra caution when driving during this time of year.

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